Ice cream recipe index

This page lists ice creams I've made, so far, and what I plan to make. If you're interested in breads, see Breads I've made or want to make.

Let me know if you'd like me to make a particular flavor or type of ice cream!


These are recipes I've made (or plan to make) repeatedly because they're either quick and tasty or so delicious that they're worth the wait.
  • lemon, super (review)
    • quick and delicious
  • malted milk (review, second review)
    • everyone's favorite, so far
    • suggested by Shams
  • peanut butter, with and without jelly (review)
    • quick and delicious
  • plum-ginger granita (review)
    • quick, fun, electric red, and delicious
  • toasted almond ice cream (review)
    • not quick, but super delicious
    • perhaps my favorite

Other ice creams I've made

  • butter brickle, aka toffee (for Shams & Lola; review)
  • cardamon (using a recipe from The Spice Housereview)
  • chocolate
  • chocolate-coconut sorbet (review)
  • chocolate-peanut butter
  • cinnamon (review)
  • coffee (review, review)
  • ginger, fresh (review)
  • green tea
  • oatmeal-raisin
    • Cos loves this one
  • piña colada sherbet (review)
  • plum (review, review)
  • rice gelato
    • took a long time to make
    • very nice fresh
    • tasted bad after being trapped in a thin plastic container in my mom's freezer for a month
  • roasted banana (review)
  • rum raisin (review)
  • strawberry (the Cuisinart cookbook version)
  • sweet potato with maple-glazed pecans
    • no eggs
    • Nathan's second favorite (because of the maple and pecans, I'm guessing)
  • toasted coconut (review)
  • vanilla with cookie dough  (review)
  • white chocolate ginger (for Seth)
  • white chocolate with fudge ripple

Ice creams I'd like to make

Sauces I've made

  • Marshmallow
    • Lots of work
    • Doesn't keep long
    • Delicious with super lemon ice cream (but so is the much easier, healthier raspberry sauce)
  • Chunky raspberry sauce
    • Not too fussy
    • Delicious with super lemon ice cream
  • Lean chocolate
    • Not sweet at all, even when made with semisweet chocolate, so it's great for toning down very sweet ice cream such as coconut
    • Not as smooth as I'd like
    • Better with semisweet chocolate than bittersweet

More ideas

  • Coconut based "ice creams" (because coconut cream is tasty and creamy and easy to get @ TJ's)
  • Ice creams thickened with corn starch instead of eggs
  • Test the Mpemba_effect, seeing whether hot ice cream freezes faster than cold ice cream (which would be awesome, since I could make custard-based ice creams in just a couple of hours).
  • See comments on this G+ post and also this one for more ideas.

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