Breads I've made or want to make

This page lists breads I've made and plan to make, along with the books I'm using. If you're interested in ice cream, see Ice cream index.

Hall-of-fame breads that I'll make again and again:
  • Toasted sesame whole wheat (Hensperger p. 113)
    • Great tasting, long lasting bread.
    • Subtle sesame taste, with few visible seeds.
    • Getting the exact ingredients seems to matter a lot.
    • Can be cooked with a delay timer.
  • Sourdough (Josey Baker)
    • Stretch & fold kneading.
    • Once the starter's ready, takes... 6-24 hours?
    • Good with added garlic or (when just baked) onion.
    • Great with added walnuts.
  • Sourdough whole wheat cinnamon bread (Hensperger p. 280)
    • Penuche, where have you been all my life?
  • Bohemian black (BBB: Hensperger p. 138)
    • Kind of a cross between pumpernickel and Scandinavian rye.
    • Great sandwich bread that combines well with a variety of flavors.
    • Good (even untoasted) for 5+ days.
    • Can be cooked with a delay timer.
    • Needs to rest for flavors (fennel?) to become less sharp.
  • Spent grain bread
    • Uses grain from brewing beer.
    • Can be cooked with a delay timer.
  • Sesame (Josey Baker p. 41)
    • No kneading.
    • Takes at least 21 hours to make; can refrigerate dough to delay up to 6 more days.
    • Delicious; chewy crust, rather than crisp; still great the 2nd day (but not the 3rd).
  • Swedish rye (Hensperger p. 136)
    • Has overtaken Bohemian black as Nathan's second favorite.
    • Requires orange zest, so not quite as easy as BBB.
    • Can be cooked with a delay timer.
    • Good (even untoasted) for 6+ days.
    • Great crust for the first 12 hours or so.
  • Pumpernickel (also here) (Zojirushi)
    • Can be cooked with a timer.
    • Great crust the first hour or two.
    • Nice sandwich bread that lasts.
  • Scandinavian light rye (Hensperger p. 134)
  • Baguettes (various)
  • Hamburger buns (Hensperger p. 92)
  • Onion sourdough buns (based on Josey Baker sourdough)


I like the following breads very much and will probably make them again:
These breads were fine, but I don't know if I'll ever make them again:
  • A two-part mix (Josey Baker p. 24)
    I froze much of this loaf (thickly sliced). Recently I toasted it for sandwich bread; it was very nice, if not whole-grainy enough for me to make regularly.
  • Honey whole-wheat (Hensperger p. 105)
  • Pull-apart dinner roll bread
    Dinner rolls in the bread machine; I used the honey whole-wheat recipe and a variant of Zojirushi's instructions for making party bread
  • Pane bigio (Hensperger p.  249)
  • Nice bread, but not much whole grain
  • Whole-wheat walnut (Zojirushi)
  • Whole-wheat and white (Zojirushi)
    Can be cooked with a delay timer
  • Nine-grain honey (Hensperger p. 190)
    Can be cooked with a delay timer
  • Whole wheat sourdough bread (Hensperger p. 280)
    Might be good if you use honey or sugar instead of molasses
  • Raisin pumpernickel, caraway variant (Rustic European Breads p. 175)
    It's very tasty, but if I make it again, I'll just bake it in the machine or in a pan.
  • Whole-grain daily bread (Hensperger p. 181)
    I've made this semi-whole grain bread twice, once with spent grains from beer brewing, and once with TJ's rice medley. Once I used buttermilk powder, and the other time buttermilk; once I used canola oil, and the other time (untoasted) sesame oil. I liked the spent grain one better than the rice one, but both of them were very soft (a feature to many people, but not us) and could've had more whole grains. 
I would not make these breads again:
I want to try:
Stuff I've made that doesn't fit in above:


I've used recipes from the following books (boldface indicates how I refer to that book above):
  • Josey Baker Bread
    by Josey Baker
  • The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook
    by Beth Hensperger
  • How to Enjoy your Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker
    by Zojirushi
    Model: BB-PAC20
  • Whole Grain Breads by Machine or Hand
    by Beatrice Ojakangas
  • The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Baking Book
    by Donald A. Gazzaniga
  • Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads
    by Peter Reinhart
  • Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine
    by Linda West Eckhardt & Diana Collingwood Butts
I also have the following books:
  • The Best Low-Fat, No-Sugar Bread Machine Cookbook Ever
  • by Madge Rosenberg
  • The Pleasure of Whole-Grain Breads
    by Beth Hensperger

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