Monday, October 5, 2015

Walnut sourdough, toasted sesame bread, and sourdough waffles

Toasted sesame bread (with white whole wheat)

This week I made three things that I've made before:
  • Walnut sourdough bread (for a potluck)
  • Toasted sesame bread (this time with white whole wheat)
  • Sourdough waffles (this time with a better buttermilk)
Everything turned out fine, and people enjoyed the results. A few notes:
  • Don't overtoast the walnuts. The walnut sourdough bread was very good, but not quite as delicious as it has been in the past, and I suspect that the very toasted walnuts were to blame.
  • My husband baked the sourdough for me. Here are my baking instructions for the long covered baker.
  • The white whole wheat flour (from TJ's) had been in a plastic bag for a while, and it smelled a little stale to me. This wasn't noticeable in the final product.
  • The buttermilk for the waffles was a Canadian brand from the Alameda Marketplace grocery. It cost a lot more than regular buttermilk, but it seemed worth the price.
  • I might want to try half whole-wheat for the waffles next time.
While I was at the Marketplace, I bought some old varieties of wheat flour that I'm eager to try:
  • Sprouted khorasan wheat (One Degree's version of don't-call-it-Kamut)
  • Spelt (also from One Degree; I don't recall if it's sprouted)
The khorasan flour came from Dwayne Woolhouse's farm in Saskatchewan.

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