Saturday, May 3, 2014

Herb and spice infused ice creams

Some of the best ice creams I've made have had simple custard bases infused with a single spice. Cardamon, cinnamon, and fresh ginger have all been winners.

Three great flavors for ice cream

My predilection for sugary, creamy, yet slightly savory goodness didn't start with ice cream. I loved the panna cottas that Joshua Streeter, an ex-Google pastry chef, used to make. He'd add wonderful complexity to the sweet pudding by flavoring it with an herb, such as sage or thyme. It sounded weird but tasted great.

(The only dessert of his that I loved more than panna cotta was his financier, which he kindly gave me the recipe for. I'm not usually into baked goods, but almond flour and brown butter... so good.)

OK, I'm back.

Other herb/spice infused ice creams I want to try soon include parsley and a few teas and tisanes.

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