Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black currant ice cream

For my latest ice cream, I went back to a traditional custard, if not a traditional flavor.

I'd made green tea ice cream before, using matcha (yum!), but I'd never made an ice cream by infusing tea leaves.

After steeping

It felt wrong to steep the tea leaves for an hour, but I didn't notice any bitterness in the result.

After adding egg yolks

The mix churned for perhaps a few minutes longer than usual.

At the start of churning

With a creamy, tasty result.

The finished ice cream

This is a good ice cream (especially with chocolate sauce), but it's not as delicious as the matcha green tea ice cream. I'm thinking of making matcha ice cream and a steeped green tea ice cream at the same time, just to compare to each other. I'm also interested in ways to avoid steeping the tea leaves for so long.

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