Thursday, May 22, 2014

Any requests?

Lately, I've been wanting to make more ice cream than my household should eat. Fortunately I've found a system* that keeps the ice cream cold for several hours without a freezer, so I can now bring small amounts of ice cream to work for an early afternoon dessert.

So... If you have a request or suggestion, please tell me or add it as a comment on the following page:

I can't promise anything, but I'll seriously consider each request. Bribes of dark chocolate, low-sodium tasties, or funny stories will help move your request to the top!

*The system

When I'm just taking ice cream to someone's house, I put it in a "Keep Cool" insulated, zippered shopping bag, along with 2 or 3 freezer packs.

The one time (so far) I took ice cream to work, I put it in a paper pint container and froze it inside this smaller bag:

Purchased at The Marketplace in Alameda

The next morning I put that bag inside the "Keep Cool" bag, with a couple of ice packs. When I got to work, I took out the little bag and put it in the fridge.

By 1 or 1:30 when we had the ice cream (super lemon, by the way, with chunky raspberry sauce; yum!), the ice cream was the perfect consistency. Usually it's too hard after a day in the freezer, but its time in a freezer bag in a fridge did it good.

If you have suggestions for better ways to transport ice cream—and to keep it cold for hours without a freezer (and maybe even without a refrigerator), please let me know! I usually take a bus and then walk a couple of blocks to work, so any solution has to be compact, relatively lightweight, and not too conspicuous. No ice chests on wheels, thank you very much!

This little bag can carry 2 pints.


  1. No chests on wheels? But, but... You are missing out on a great American tradition!

    As far as flavors, I went to Humphrey Slocombe's list of flavors for inspiration:

    One of my favorite ice cream flavors as a kid was Butterbrickle. You can't buy that anymore -- Butter Pecan is NOT the same. Balsamic Caramel sounds *so* interesting! Or candied ginger. Yum. What about Greei Yogurt Ice Cream? Not frozen yogurt but ice cream. Hmmm.....

    1. That should be Greek Yogurt Ice Cream. ;)

    2. Does the recipe at sound like your memory of butter brickle? I'll happily try to make it!